Sam Bradley

If you have ever seen Sam Bradley live, you get it. You get it from the first song that there is something special about how he commands an audience’s attention. With the ability to make even a large show feel very intimate, Sam has managed to build what some might call of feverant base of fans across the United States, and the world.

The London born singer/songwriter began his career attending local open mic nights and recording songs on a computer. In 2009, Sam released his first full self-titled EP, with the ‘Zuni’ EP following in 2011. He has been on tour almost non-stop supporting those albums, as well as showcasing new songs along the way, such as the most recently released single “Woman You Crazy.”

Fans are now eagerly awaiting the announcement of a new album and tour.

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  1. Sam needs some love!! No comments? Really? Sam you are so amazing its ridonkulous.
    oh yah…umm follow me on twitter @LondonIannetta I swear it will make you laugh everyday. LOL. Can’t wait for new music from Sam and a new US tour soon I hope. XOXO

    Love the shack of soul!!!