Marcus Foster

With inspiration from artists such as Tom Waits, Bob Dylan and Sister Rosetta Tharp, Marcus Foster’s style is hard to ignore. His voice goes from gritty to smooth in no time, leaving listeners unsure of where he is going to go next. And after seeing Marcus live, it’ll be hard for any other artist to live up to your expectations.

The London born musician/artist first came to the United States in 2009, touring with a ‘Live’ album that has since become a collector’s item. In 2011, Marcus then released his ‘Tumble Down’ EP, then his full ‘Nameless Path’ album. The strong reviews of ‘Nameless Path’ have made his 2012 EP ‘The Last House” a highly anticipated collection by fans and music professionals alike.

On tour almost non-stop to support his catalog of music, Marcus is not to be missed.

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