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All of Our New Album FEELZ (in chat form of course)

It’s official…. we are BACK! We went through and spit shined the ol’ site real quick and decided to reintroduce ourselves to this blogging world with our favorite format, the gchats. Or Google Hangouts as Google has decided we should call them in the time since we last posted. Are you as ready to dive back […]

Sam asked us, so we asked him back….. and he answered! (Yep, a mini interview with Sam)

I don’t know about you all, but when Sam posted his “Just Ask” campaign last week, we were excited. Hello, how can you not be with the prospect of a new (FIRST) album happening? We immediately hopped on gchat and started contemplating all the possibilities, like release date, album artwork and whether a tour would […]

Sam blogs and we break it down so you know what is REALLY going on

Um, in case you were hiding under the covers in preparation for Scandal finale last night and missed it, Sam blogged. So then we thought, HEY WE SHOULD BLOG TOO, cause a lot was going on in this sweet thing Sam wrote. But have no fear– we are here to break it down for you […]

Just a Little Gig Story from the White Post Inn (@whitepostinn) with a Pleasant Surprise!

We love a good gig story. I mean, there is nothing better then hearing how amazing Sam and/or Marcus can be while they are performing live. And today, we got one of those stories that we just HAD to share. Especially for all our U.S. friends, cause we know you are missing the guys like […]

Unicorns & Boobs AKA It’s Sam’s Birthday!!

It’s Sam’s birthday, so you know what that means…. PHOTOSHOP MANIPS FOR SAM!! From LiLi: dear sam, sometimes it’s hard to express to you the way i feel about you and your music. but not anymore. i think this picture sums it up perfectly. BOOM From Amber:  Dear Sam, But anyways…here’s what you really wanted, I am […]

In the Trust Tree: “Super Clean and Tight” Not Your Kind EP

You know us. We don’t do well sitting down and writing intense reviews of albums. We always think that is what we are going to do, then, well, it never happens. So we figured we’d “review” Sam’s new EP “Not Your Kind” the best way we know possible… GCHAT! Amber: okay soooooo initial thoughts? LiLi: i won’t […]

Mix Tape Monday: Ryan Keen

Ryan Keen is one of those guys who catches your attention. First off, he’s English, so he immediately caught my attention. (I mean, let’s be honest here people.) And when I heard his music the first time, knowing Sam was opening for him, all I could think was THIS IS PERFECT! It’s a great compliment […]