About SoS

amber and me 2013

Once upon a time, we went to a little place called Poor David’s Pub in Dallas, and since then, our world has never been the same.

We fell in love with the music and the guys behind the music and created the Shack of Soul as a place for us to get together with other fans and fangirl all over the guys on a regular basis.

Be sure to check out each of the Shack’s pages to learn more about them and their music. And please, if you have any fan pictures, concert reviews or ANYTHING else on Sam or Marcus, please send it to us at shackofsoul@hotmail.com!

PS- As much as we heart Sam and Marcus, we are NOT affiliated with the guys or their management in any way.  There is no copyright infringement intended on this blog. If you are the original owner of any content or media posted on this blog and you would like to have it removed, please email us.



  1. GreenEYEDkat · ·

    OMG! AWESOME!! I was at the Dallas show too…and had the best damn time!!!! So glad you came up with this site! Is there somewhere we can post our pics from their shows? I have some awesome ones of them from Dallas, and plan to get more at Bobby’s show in Tampa next weekend!

    1. Absolutely! Send me your pics and I will post them to the guys photo pages. I have some other fan pics I need to post as well, which I plan to do this weekend!

  2. GreenEYEDkat · ·

    Give me the link to send you the pics!

  3. I was also at that PDP show in Dallas and had such a great time! I have a great pic of Bobby from that weekend but noticed you already found it. 🙂 Great site…still checking it all out.

  4. Hey ya’ll, great site! I just discovered how amazing these guys were that weekend too. I have since fallen completely in love with Marcus! Can’t get enough of him. Here’s hoping, praying, and begging that he’ll make it back to Dallas in December too. Guess I’ll be seeing ya’ll at Bobby’s show!

  5. Hey guys! love the site! We are in the process of revamping all of the land of dreamer sites and One Dreamer at a Time site too! I will put your link up on there as affiliates! =) Keep up the awesome work!


    1. Hi Lizzy! That would be great! I am actually glad you commented here….can you email me an address I can contact you with?? I would like to run something by you and LoD. shackofsoul@hotmail.com


  6. Hi! So good to see this site…and awesome to see it is a “Twilight lite zone”…I think that’s great! I, too, enjoy the books and movies but think that the appreciation for Bobby, Sam, and Marcus’ music should be kept seperate. 🙂

    I ame writing because I went to Bobby Long’s show here in Pittburgh, PA on Dec. 17th. I have a few pics of him singing, as well as one with me and him. I also have a couple short video snippets of him singing. In one of them, he is singing a song which he stated “was new and written a couple days ago”. I have emailed him on MySpace to try and find out what the name of the song is so that if/when it is released, I can snag it up but have not yet heard back from him as he hasn’t logged on much over the holidays I guess. Or…maybe he’s just too overwhelmed to answer? I don’t know. Anyway, I would be happy to send you all that I have (pics and video) and I really hope someone out there can answer my question as to what the song is! Also, at the show, he had 2 CDs for sale…I purchased the one (which is great!) and am regretting not purchasing the one recoreded LIVE from NYC. Anyone have any ideas of how I might get that one? I have went to the merchandise site but the CDs are not available there…only shirts, etc. Looking forward to your reply! Thanks!

    1. Hi Kerry!
      Of course we would love it if you would send us your pics and video– we would love to post them here (with credit to you of course) and maybe we can also help in solving the mystery of this song. You can send them to us at shackofsoul@hotmail.com.

      As far as his CDs go, unfortunately they can only be purchased at his shows. He has three singles available online though, via iTunes and Amazon. If you are interested in those you can find the links to purchase on his “Albums” page located on out sidebar. 😉