Sam asked us, so we asked him back….. and he answered! (Yep, a mini interview with Sam)

Stolen from Sam's Instagram... like a boss

Stolen from Sam’s Instagram… like a boss

I don’t know about you all, but when Sam posted his “Just Ask” campaign last week, we were excited. Hello, how can you not be with the prospect of a new (FIRST) album happening? We immediately hopped on gchat and started contemplating all the possibilities, like release date, album artwork and whether a tour would follow shortly. Then we thought, how about we go ahead and cut to the chase and ask the expert all these things. And that is what we did.

I think the biggest thing we were all wondering was, yes to crowdfunded albums, but why not do it through Kickstarter or PledgeMusic? For Sam, raising money through a fundraising type event was just not what he wanted to do.

“Over the years I have received many messages of support and many suggestions to ask my audience for help,” Sam explained. “The reason why I didn’t go for the conventional route is because I don’t have a set target and I don’t want to keep asking or promoting a fundraising event for my album. I just wanted ask and put it out there for the extraordinarily generous that wanted and were able to help.”

And, since we’ve seen it come up quite a bit on Twitter, we thought we’d ask for you…. what about those that don’t have Paypal or are unable to use it, but want to give something back.

“I think that for now I want to keep it simple and just stick to the Paypal account that I have up,” Sam explained. “Yes, of course there are other ways besides contributing to the Paypal. All ya got to do is say hi when you can. On twitter. Facebook. At a show. Say hi and if you like what I do, help me shout about it.”

For anyone who has donated to a crowdfunded site like Kickstarter, you know there is a little meter to indicate when the artist is close to their final goal. With the “Just Ask,” Sam decided to have a bit more fun with it, providing updates to the fans in a much more unique way.

“I am going to set up a little channel that I will be streaming some of the recording process so people can check in from time to time,” Sam told us. “It will be pretty strange hours and I won’t be streaming 24/7, but I will turn on the camera and audio for the fun stuff. I’ll let you know on twitter when that’s ready.”

We are pretty damn excited about the live streaming, although we voted for 24/7 webcam. Cause it’s not creepy at all to want to check in at 3 a.m. and make sure Sam is sleeping, right?

As you are reading this, you are probably wondering how long we can expect the webcam to be on, I mean, how long till the album will be completed. Cause we need new Sam music in our lives.

“It will take about two months to complete the capturing of the performances and already I have enough of a budget through my own investment and the contributions to get that recording part of the album done but there is still the mixing and mastering aspect of the record to complete. ” Sam said. “The reaction has been truly magnificent and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the support of my family, (mum loaning me her house and some studio equipment) friends and the belief and backing from those of you around the world that support me. I genuinely mean it, even though it reads slightly like a Miss World speech (really must stop watching those on repeat).”

Two months to completion, Sam added, does not mean two months till the release though.

“I don’t have a release date in mind yet,” Sam explained. “Once the recording process is finished, I plan to couch hop around the major market musical cities to shop the record and try and get people on board to work with me and release the fucker!”

So does this mean a tour? Will we get to Sam sooner rather than later?

“I’m working on it!!!!!”

Want to read more about Sam’s “Jusk Ask” campaign? Read his post here for all the details!


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